Cabaret Quiz Night – fundraiser for WANFA



Cabaret Quiz Night is on again! 

With the Merindas!

The night involves live performance, quiz master extroidinaire Della Rae Morrison, food platters by Mama Pacha and a bar including beer, wine, and Pimms. You can request vegan or vegetarian platters. There are ten tables with 6 to 10 places on each. Prizes for best dressed and much much more. 

Funds raised will go towards travel for the West Australia Nuclear Free Alliance, an Aboriginal alliance of people across WA opposed to uranium mining, to attend the Australia Nuclear Free Alliance meeting in Alice Springs. 

Tickets are $20 pre sale and $30 on the door – includes complimentary food platter. 

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Take action – no uranium mine at Kintyre

No_U_KML_NP_2WA’s biggest national park is under threat from uranium mining at Kintyre.

Karlamilyi (Rudall River) national park encompasses spinifex plains, red desert sands, salt lakes and ancient gorges that protect pristine rock pools and swimming holes. A proposal for an open cut uranium mine just 500m from Yantikuji Creek by Canadian mining giant Cameco is putting all of this at risk.

Our national parks deserve good neighbours, not uranium mines.

Nearly 3,000 submissions were submitted to the EPA in opposition to a proposed mine at Kintyre. Stay posted for the EPA response – expected in coming months – and get ready to put in appeals if needed!

Active Radio – not Radioactive

Aboriginal and comunity representatives have today launched a state wide radio campaign highlighting the risks posed by uranium mining in WA.

The campaign features a series of advertisements to be played on radio stations from the Kimberley to Kalgoorlie ahead of the March 9 state election that describe planned uranium mining as ‘today’s asbestos’ and condemn the use of Royalty for Regions subsidies to private uranium projects.Thumb_NukesFree

The ads have been produced by the West Australian Nuclear Free Alliance, a network of Aboriginal, environment and public health representatives and organisations concerned about the long lasting and negative impacts of uranium mining on communities and country.

The ads are set to run on commercial, community and Indigenous radio stations across the Kimberley’s, Goldfield’s and the Pilbara.

“WA has an abundance of clean energy resources and resourceful people, our future is renewable not radioactive,” said WANFA spokesperson Mia Pepper.

“The Liberal and National Party’s plans for uranium mining have been flying under the radar so we have decided to put the issue on the airwaves.”

“This risky and radioactive industry poses a direct threat to workers, communities and the environment. It needs to be put under the spotlight and regional communities have a right to know the full story especially when it most directly affects them.”

Kalgoorlie based Wongatha community leader and a founding member of WANFA, Geoffrey Stokes has called for all political parties to come clean on any plans for this dirty trade ahead of the election.

“In Australia we don’t have a use for uranium. We will not benefit for uranium mining but if it happened we would have all the problems from it. We have enough problems, with sickness and disease; we don’t need to add to those problems. We should leave uranium; we should leave it where it belongs, in the ground. We have been in this country for a long time and we will be in this country for a long time.”

Listen to the ads:

West Australia Nuclear Free Alliance:

For further information or comment

Mia Pepper – 0415 380 808

Geoffrey Stokes – 0407 378 602

WANFA 2012 Meeting Statement – vow to fight Wiluna uranium mine

The Western Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (WANFA), made up of Aboriginal Traditional Land Owners who are concerned about uranium mining on their country, from the Pilbara, the Kimberley, the Goldfields, the Great Victorian Desert, the Central Desert, the Gascoyne, Perth and the South West and their allies. WANFA met from 15th-16th of September at Kutunatu Ngurra camp just outside of Leonora.

Kutunatu Ngurra camp is a registered sacred site and has long been a central meeting ground for protection of country, culture and people. The re-establishment of Kutunatu Ngurra for the 2012 WANFA meeting is a testament to the continuing dedication and union of Traditional Owners opposed to uranium mining on their lands.

The West Australian Nuclear Free Alliance supports Aboriginal Sovereignty across all Aboriginal territories in Western Australia. WANFA demands that the Government and Industry respect the basic Human Rights of Aboriginal peoples and adhere to the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, respecting our right to self-determination and engaging with Aboriginal peoples within the framework of the principle of Free, Prior and Informed consent.

With the current fast tracking of the Toro Energy Wiluna Uranium Project assessment, WANFA invited WA State Environment Minister, Bill Marmion, to attend the conference to meet with the people this mine will impact.  After several requests the Minister continues to refuse to meet with representatives of WANFA and local Elders showing unwillingness to engage with community.

On September 19th, Bill Marmion announced that he has dismissed the appeals regarding Toro Energy’s Uranium Mine proposal. The Government is now in the process of finalising State Approval for this to become Western Australia’s first uranium mine, the proposal still has a number of approvals and licenses before it can proceed and WANFA along with other NGO’s and groups are investigating options to challenge the mine.

The Ministers conditions on the mine do not cover mine tailings and mine closure, long after Marmion’s term in Government and long after Toro has gone bankrupt the radioactive mine waste will sit on our country threatening and poisoning our lands and bush tucker. This mine is a risk to the environment, the water and the local community. Whether you’re a shareholder or a tax payer this mine will cost us as West Australians.

Bill Marmion’s announcement comes within a week of the fifth anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  Free, prior and informed consent are pivotal human rights encompassed within this declaration – rights that are achievable through adequate access to information, and community consultation.  Both of these aspects are continually being withheld and ignored by the WA Government.

The West Australian Nuclear Free Alliance demands that the Government adhere to the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and respect our right to self-determination.

We are determined to stop the poison of uranium mining in Western Australia by:

  • Sharing information and our stories to educate people about the true risks of radiation
  • Peaceful protest to demand the truth from Government
  • Demanding transparency and community consultation during both the State and Federal Government’s mining approval processes
  • Challenging the Australian Uranium Association’s Indigenous Dialogue Group who are representing the industry rather than a true Aboriginal community view
  • Exposing anthropologists, archaeologists and pro industry consultants that attempt to validate negligent practices of the mining industry
  • Demanding that our Land Councils, Native Title representative bodies and Native Title service organisations fulfil their legal requirements to be accountable, transparent and representative of the community’s views.

We call for:

  • The WA Government to uphold the United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and fulfil the basic right to free, prior and informed consent by consulting with communities along the proposed uranium transport route
  • The WA Government to immediately commission an open, and independent public inquiry into uranium mining
  • The federal environment minister, Tony Burke, to block any proposed uranium mining project in Western Australia
  • The Western Australian ALP to remain committed to the policy formed at the last ALP State Conference to ban any uranium mines in Western Australia and to close any uranium mines that may be approved under the current Government
  • Those who finance the uranium industry, to avoid the uncertainty and contamination of this trade, and instead invest in renewable, clean energy
  • Governments and the nuclear industry to stop minimising and trivialising the dangers radiation.


  • Kado Muir (Chairperson of WANFA):             0477 184 957
  • Marcus Atkinson:                                            0400 505 765
  • Mia Pepper:                                                    0415 380 808

Mr Glen Cooke – Appeal on EPA assessment of Toro uranium proposal